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This page contains all the pages available on this site. All these pages were grouped together according to the type of the page.

I. Articles about the theory

All of these articles will be posted on the server and the Wordpress pages.

Invalidation of the Inverse Square Law for Spherical Light Emitting Objects
An Unifying Basis for all the Nuclear Reactions
What Causes The Mass To Be Deficit Inside A Nucleus?
Physics is a Bunch of Fairy Tales
Did We Get the Fundamentals in Physics Wrong?
Deficit of Mass: An Unfortunate Development in Physics

II. Sample Chapters and Errata (version 1.2)

Chapter 5: What is the Mass?
Chapter 6: Inverse Square Law of Gravity

Errata and future changes

III. News group and Blog posts

All the blog posts will also be available on my Tumblr and Wordpress pages.

Nsg: Why Do We Compare Mass Using Balance Scale?
Nsg: When Mass Deficit Is Equal To Zero ...
Nsg: Gravity is nothing but the Strong Nuclear force
Nsg: Differentiation, angular mometum and formation of the moon

IV. Video presentations of the theory

All video presentations about the work

V. Book availability and other external links

Book Availability

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VI. My Other Works

My earlier work in earth sciences about the tectonic pause, supercontinets and snowball earth events can be found at This is an exact copy of my Geocities site posted during the 2000-2002 period.
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