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This page is a copy of all the Tweets posted on my Twitter account with a bit more info (in italics) than the 140 chars. I will copy the latest tweets from my Twitter account to this page once in a while. Please check the http://www.twitter.com/kmarasakatla for all the latest information on updates and evenets about the work.


November 23rd, 2011: Once it was Geocities, now it is knol. No value for content to search engines.
... This is in response to the anouncement about the upcoming closure of the Google knol site.

September 19th, 2011: Thank you all for those who bought the book and appreciated the work so far ...

August 24th, 2011: Inverse Square Law, the backbone of field theories is not valid for non-point source of the field - http://www.vixra.org/abs/1108.0029

August 22nd, 2011: Invalidation of the Inverse Square Law for Spherical Light Emitting Objects - http://knol.google.com/k/karunakar-marasakatla/invalidation-of-the-inverse-square-law/2vanww2p9bfqr/11

May 1st, 2011: Earlier and recent reports of Cold fusion and LENR are new type of nuclear reactions: http://www.kmarasakatla.com/gravity/art-fusion.html

May 1st, 2011: Cold fusion is not a fusion of two hydrogen atoms as mentioned earlier. These reactions are true and does release a net amount of energy.

Apr 16th, 2011: We all know that if a=b, b=c then a=c is true in math; however that doesn't seem correct in physics: http://www.vixra.org/abs/1104.0048

Apr 15th, 2011: Will the cold fusion ever become a reality? http://t.co/hmpKN5K
... This article has been revised and posted at the same link with a different view on the subject.

Dec 6th, 2010: The book, Gravity from a New Angle, is now available through the Google eBook store: http://goo.gl/xprws

Nov 30th, 2010: Why definition of mass is flawed? - Prespacetime Journal, Vol. 1(9), p1418-1424, http://www.prespacetime.com/index.php/pst/article/view/123

Oct 21st, 2010: http://www.vixra.org/abs/1008.0008 has been accepted in the part-II of Prespacetime journal focus issue on cosmology & gravity (vol 1, no 9)
... This is the article - What causes the mass to be deficit inside a nucleus?

Sep 27th, 2010: A blog for science that makes sense - http://kmarasakatla.wordpress.com

Sep 20th, 2010: Not new to writing, but possibly the first blog post - http://kmarasakatla.tumblr.com/post/1154337364/physics-bunch-of-fairy-tales

Aug 10th, 2010: What Causes the Mass to be Deficit Inside a Nucleus? ... http://www.vixra.org/abs/1008.0008

Jun 22nd, 2010: The article "Did We Get the Fundamentals in Physics Wrong?" is also available at #viXra archive : http://vixra.org/abs/1006.0049

Jun 19th, 2010: Did we get the fundamentals in #Physics wrong? ... http://bit.ly/dnPYA9

Jun 17th, 2010: The book #GravityFromANewAngle is available for #iPad on #iBooks store from today with an introductory price ...

May 31st, 2010: List price of paperback copy of the book - Gravity from a new Angle, has been dropped to $17.50 at http://amzn.to/94hSEq

May 31st, 2010: An author event is scheduled for my book at Borders (Minnetonka) on June 12th at 2:00 pm - http://bit.ly/ahfvt2

Apr 19th, 2010: Kindle format of version 1.2 is available at http://amzn.to/9Xl1Av

Apr 19th, 2010: Google preview of paper back version (1.2) is available at http://bit.ly/93kpaz

Dec 5th, 2009: Article on the necessity of mass deficit in physics - http://knol.google.com/k/deficit-of-mass-an-unfortunate-development-in-physics#

Nov 5th, 2009: Youtube presentations about mass, force and inverse square law are at: http://bit.ly/29S0v2
... These are the same videos posted on the scivee.tv with an additional introduction

Nov 5th, 2009: Video presentations of three biggest mistakes in science are available at scivee.tv - http://www.scivee.tv/node/13470
... There are three videos about the mass, force and inverse square law.

Nov 5th, 2009: All my work on earth sciences about supercontinent cycle, snowball earth events and tectonic pause was hosted on the geocities site

Nov 5th, 2009: It is unfortunate that Geocities is closed now. My decade old site on Geocities (karunakarm) will now be available at kmarasakatla.org ... The work posted on the Geocities site was extensively discussed in the news groups at that time. After the closure of the Geocities site, all the articles from the Geocities home page at http://www.geocities.com/karunakarm were made available at http://kmarasakatla.org. All that work is now available at http://www.kmarasakatla.com/geosite

Oct 16th, 2009: Gravity from a new angle - is now available in Kindle format at Amazon.com (ASIN: B002Q0Y210).

Sep 18th, 2009: Now, a paper back version of the book is available online from Amazon and Barnes&Noble. Search for the title "Gravity From A New Angle".

Sep 12th, 2009: A preview of this book is available in the google books at http://bit.ly/C9VAF
... This was a link to the older version (1.1) of the book, now deleted in the Google books. A link to the preview of latest version (1.2) of the book was posted on Apr 19th, 2010.

Jul 22nd, 2009: The definition of Mass and Force were the basic obstacles all these days in achieving the grand unification.

Jul 22nd, 2009: My book - Gravity From A New Angle - is an ebook on gravity which attempts at unifying the physical forces.
... This is the first tweet which coincided with the release of the version 1.1 of the book.

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