Gravity From A New Angle

Errata and Future Changes for version 1.2

I. Errata

Following is the list of all the errors in the version 1.2 of the book. All these errors will be corrected in the next version of the book.

This section will be updated as and when printing errors/spelling mistakes/formatting errors are found in the book. There are no known errors at this time.

II. Future changes

Following is the list of all changes planned for the next version of the book. These concepts are either false or need more clarification in version 1.2. The next version of the book will also include additional support for the theory with the new developments in science.

1. All the references to iron and nickel describing them as compact nuclei will be deleted.

2. Definition of mass, as given in the book and in some of the older articles posted on the site, as the amount of matter is not same as the current prevailing standard definition which states that the mass is the resistance to change in motion. The main point of the definition of mass (either the one in the book or the standard definition) is that the amount of gravity of an object doesn't depend on the size of the object. The work presented in the book successfully disproves that assumption. Later, the whole theory in the book was built on the conclusion that the gravity does change with the size of the object. Therefore the incorrect definition of mass provided in the book is irrelevant to the theory proposed in it however the next version of the book will be updated with the standard definition of mass.

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