About me and the work on gravity

The field of Science and its applications always intrigued me. Even though I educated and work in the field of computers, science always remained as my field of interest. I always kept myself open and interested in new ideas in all fields of science. Most of my work in science happen to be related to the physical processes in the nature. Study of physics is more wider, popular and has more applications compared to any other field of science. We are more exposed to the physical processes and thier effects compared to any other field of science. Even after the physics is the most studied and researched subject, there are no definite answers to some of the very basic physical phenomena. Wheel is as old as human civilization but still there is no statisfactory explanation in physics to why it balances while moving without falling onto the ground just like when it was not moving. Our understanding of physical processes is incomplete because of the flawed fundamental concepts, which made them difficult to comprehend even though they are simple in nature.

My work on gravity started around March 2007 and culminated in publishing the book - Gravity from a New Angle, in March 2009 with a simple explanation for the long awaited unification of gravity with other forces.

History of the work

Version 1.0, published as ebook in March, 2009. This version is no longer available for sale.

Version 1.1, published as ebook in July, 2009. This version is no longer available for sale.

Version 1.2, published as the paperback format in August, 2009 and later made it available in ebook format. This latest version is available for sale in paperback (ISBN-13: 9780981976877, 168 pages) and in ebook format (Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle). eBook in pdf format has been discontinued for this version.

My earlier work in earth sciences about the supercontinent cycle and snowball earth events can be found at http://www.kmarasakatla.com/geosite

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