Newsgroup post: Gravity is nothing but the Strong Nuclear force

Unification of physical forces was eluding for a long time. Was this something different than what we already know today?

On a macro level, We have peered deep into the space to the begining of the universe and at micro level we have seen the nature of basic particles. Still, it is unbelievable to assume that the unified force is something different than what we already know.

Now, it appears that the search for the unification of physical forces is over.

A new theory for the gravity is proposed in the book "Gravity from a new Angle", which successfully explains all the anamolies observed in respect to the gravity.

The new theory proposes that the gravity we observe each and every movement is nothing but the force we already know, the strong nuclear force.

The principles and the theorems which currently define the gravity are obscured our view of real nature of the gravity.

As some already envisioned, we are just making simple mistakes in many fronts in understanding the nature.

Our definition of mass, equivalence principle, inverse square law, work and resultant force are all flawed.

When we redefine and correct all the flawed concepts, a clear picture of the gravity emerges.

As the net result is small when we pull an object with two forces in a wide angle, the net gravity of the earth is weak on the objects on its surface because earth is pulling the objects in a wide angle.

When earth becomes a point mass, the effect of gravity will be stronger on the objects even far away from the point earth.

Apart from the material inside the objects and the distance between them, the angle each objects projects on the other is also important in determining the strength of the gravity.

Gravity of the sun on planet mercury will be weak because its wide angle projection on the planet. Where as the gravity of the sun will be stronger on the pioneer probes in the deep space because the angle of projection is almost zero degrees.

Using the theory and the principles derived in the book, all the other gravity anamolies such as galactic rotation curve, gravity hill phenomenon can be successfully explained in a simple manner without the need of exotic dark matter or the unconceivable general relativity.

Even the same gravity appears to be working in making the sun, not the widely assumed fusion of the fusion. The working of the chemical reactions and the electricity also appears to be simple.

Two rectangular bars will have more gravity when they are connected base to base than side to side because of less angle of projection when connected base to base. That's the strength of gravity in a crystal made of rectangular cells will be more at parallel to its base than from base to base.

Mass defect in the nucleus of the atom is a simple invalidation of the equivalence principle. When all the material packed together in a compact volume, the gravity between the pack and the earth will be stronger. When the pack of the same material (protons and neutrons) in the nucleus expands, it weighs less. The size of the object is important in determining the strength of gravity it exerts on the surrounding objects.

The book also proposes a new theory for the formation of the moon. Angular momentum of the earth increased when the uniform early earth differentiated in tocore and mantle just like the skater turns faster when the stretched arms were moved closer to the body. when the earth rotating faseter in a molten state, material ejected from its body and formed the moon. It is the same long forgotten "fission theory", only thing it missed was how the initial earth got its angular momentum. The differentiated earth also exerts more gravity due to the concentration of matter at the center.

Karunakar Marasakatla
Posted on: March 21, 2009.

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