Newsgroup post: Differentiation, angular mometum and formation of the moon

All along these days, it was assumed that the earth got its thermal energy from the differentiation. It is not true. The differentiation itself takes place in a molten body. It means the earth was already molten when it initiated the differentiation.

Angular momentum of the earth increased when the uniform early earth differentiated into core and mantle just like the skater turns faster when the stretched arms were moved closer to the body. when the earth rotating faseter in a molten state, material ejected from its body and formed the moon. It is the same long forgotten "fission theory", only thing it missed was how the initial earth got its angular momentum.

The new theory explains all the facts observed in more congenial way. The major facts in the formation of the moon are that the moon formed just after the differentiation and it has all the lighter material.

The new theory is explained in the new book "Gravity from a new angle" which proposed a unified theory of gravity.

Karunakar Marasakatla
Posted on: March 21, 2009.

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