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The field of Science and its applications always facinated me. Even though I educated and work in the field of computers, Science always remained as my field of interest. The concept of continental movement (Plate tectonics) and the view of layer upon layer of thick sediments (Geochronology) always intrigued me and created a special interest in these two fields. I used to read books and articles on these two subjects in my leisure time. After reading the Snowball Earth article in the January 2000 issue of the Scientific American, I started to spend more time exploring these concepts. Even though the snowball Earth concept was reasonable and has evidence for the equatorial glaciation, the cause for the phenomenon wasn't convincing. On further exploration, I found similarities between the global ice ages and the Supercontinents. Later summarized the work and communicated with few journals in July 2000 for its publication but all of them returned the article without any review. Later elaborated the paper and published here on my home page on 1st August, 2000 and initiated a discussion in the newsgroups, particularly in sci.geo.geology for an open discussion. Most of the discussion was concentrated on the concept of continuity in Plate tectonics against my proposal of Supercontinental "Tectonic Pause".

Even though the concept is clear, my earlier article didn't explain the initiation of the Ice Ages. Later I have further elaborated the hypothesis by including the Milankovitch cycles for the initiation of ice ages and published again at my home page on 11th March 2001. I have included additional proof and references to the hypothesis in this new revision. As I was mentioned in my first hypothesis, an anoxic ocean period was proposed around 1.9 Ga in the later research. Along with the additional proof, I have also included an analogy with the ancient stories of the global deluge with my hypothesis. This revised version of the hypothesis was also extensively discussed in the newsgroups.

The cause of Plate tectonics was always elusive even though its effects are very much visible. The concept of megablobs churning inside the Earth provides a plausible explanation for the Supercontinent cycle. Again the cause for the initiation of instabilities in the mantle were not convinsing. On further analysis I found that the revolution of the solar system around the galactic center as a possible cause for the Supercontinent cycle on the surface of the Earth. I believe this hypothesis explains the processes happening within the Earth in a simple and lucid manner. This hypothesis not only attempts at unifying the Earth Sciences but also combines the ancient concepts with the Science. All the articles and the summary of newsgroup discussions can be found on my home page.

Karunakar Marasakatla

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